Omniture Connection Prerequisites

Before activating this connection, review the following items against your deployments of Omniture Site Catalyst and Bronto. Doing so will ensure the appropriate best practices and prerequisites are in place prior to activation.

Omniture Site Catalyst

Report Suite Specific

Be advised that this connection is report suite specific. Ensure you have selected the desired report suite prior to activating the connection.

Authorized Representative

Be advised this connection will incur fees. By activating this connection, you represent you are an authorized representative of your company and you agree to pay the fees associated with this connection.

Current Customer of Bronto

This connection requires you to be a customer of both Omniture and Bronto. If you are not currently a customer of Bronto, you will not have the information necessary to complete the connection wizard (visit the Genesis Showcase to learn more about Bronto). If you are currently a customer of Bronto, you will need your Bronto Account ID, or the unique identifier assigned to your organization by Bronto, in order to complete the connection wizard.

Omniture Data Warehouse

This connection requires the Omniture Data Warehouse to be enabled in order to generate remarketing segments. If you have not enabled the Omniture Data Warehouse, contact Omniture LiveSupport for details.

Visitor ID

If you're not currently following the best practice of capturing a "Visitor ID" within a Custom Commerce Variable (eVar), you'll want to do so prior to activating the connection. Otherwise, the connection system will be unable to generate remarketing segments. Ideally, this Visitor ID should be the same Visitor ID used by Bronto (if not, see "Recipient ID" below).

Recipient ID

If you use a different Visitor ID than Bronto, you must identify a separate eVar in which to capture the Bronto Visitor ID, sometimes called the "Recipient ID," and select it when prompted by the connection wizard.

External Tracking

If you're not currently following the best practice of enabling external tracking for each e-mail campaign you send, you must do so to ensure a successful connection. See the Bronto section below for details.

Site Catalyst Plug-In

If you haven't already done so, you must install the Site Catalyst plug-in below (simply copy these few lines of code and add them to the Site Catalyst code on your pages). This plug-in will enable Site Catalyst to automatically identify and capture incoming traffic resulting from Bronto-produced e-mail campaigns appropriately.

Site Catalyst Plug-In example:

  			<script type="text/javascript">
  			* Plugin: getQueryParam 1.1 - Return query string parameter values
  			s.getQueryParam = new Function("qp", "d", "" 
  			+ "var s=this,v='',d=d?d:'',i,t;while(qp){i=qp.indexOf(',');i=i<0?qp.l"
  			+ "ength:i;t=s.gcgi(qp.substring(0,i));if(t)v+=v?d+t:t;qp=qp.substring"
  			+ "(i==qp.length?i:i+1)}return v");
  			s_cny.gcgi = new Function("k", ""
  			+ "var v='',s=this;if(k&&{var q=s.wd.location.sea"
  			+ "rch.toLowerCase(),qq=q.indexOf('?');q=qq>0?q:q.substring(qq+1);v=s."
  			+ "pt(q,'&','cgif',k.toLowerCase())}return v");
  			s_cny.cgif = new Function("t", "k", ""
  			+ "if(t){var s=this,i=t.indexOf('='),sk=i<0?t:t.substring(0,i),sv=i<0?"
  			+ "'True':t.substring(i+1);if(sk.toLowerCase()==k)return s.epa(sv)}ret"
  			+ "urn ''");
  			/*in the s_doPlugins function */
  			s.campaign = s.getQueryParam("bro_MID");
  			//places query param value from cid in campaign variable
  			s.eVar2 = s.getQueryParam("bro_RID");
  			//places query param value from rid in eVar2 variable
Note: The plug-in above assumes certain Custom Commerce Variables (eVars) are available. If the variables specified in the plug-in above are not available within your Site Catalyst deployment, simply replace them with those that are available.

Privacy Compliance

You should understand that by enabling "Visitor ID" tracking, this feature may track personally identifiable information of your site visitors. This has privacy implications requiring the implementation of appropriate procedures by your organization, such as providing notice to, and consent of, your site visitors.


  • Click Through Tracking Required: Web Analytics connections are only possible if Click Through Tracking is enabled
  • Bronto Account ID: This can be found when you enable Omniture connection on the settings page. See "Configure Bronto" section below for further instructions.