How Direct Update Affects Different Field Types

This section contains important information about how different field types handle values passed to them using Direct Update.

Make sure you understand how each field type handles data passed to it via Direct Update before you begin using this feature.

  • number, decimal, and currency field types: The value passed in may be a positive or negative number. Decimal values passed in for number field types will be rounded accordingly.
  • date field types: The value passed in must match the date format set for your account. Go to Settings > Account Information > Formatting to view the date format for your account.
    You can set the value to the current date by using the set operator with the value today. For example:
  • text and text area field types: The value needs to be URL encoded if it contains special characters such as question mark (?), ampersand (&), equal sign (=), or percentage sign (%).
    Note: Values added using the append and appendifnew operators will show up in fields separated by commas. For example: value1, value2, value3.
  • checkbox field types only support the set operator with a value of 0 for unchecked and 1 for checked.
  • radio button and pulldown field types: The value passed in must match one of the existing options set for the field. They must have the same spelling, case, and any included spaces.