Transactional Email Delivery Process

To trigger transactional email deliveries, follow these steps:

  1. Design a message to use as a transactional email. This email can be a template for the transactional delivery.

    To learn more about designing a transactional email, see Transactional Emails.

  2. Get the transactional email approved for triggering.
    Note: Only new messages created for transactional triggering will need to be approved. Existing messages already used for transactional email deliveries will be approved automatically for transactional triggering.

    To lean more about approving an email for triggering, see Request Transactional Message Approval.

  3. When a message is ready to be triggered, you can use that message to send transactional emails to contacts with any of the following statuses:
    • transactional
    • active
    • unconfirmed
    • unsubscribe
    • onboarding

    More information:

Note: Transactional email deliveries will ignore any email frequency caps you have set.