Tips For Fixing A Low Email Sender/Delivery Rating

A low email delivery rating indicates serious flaws in an email delivery and should be fixed. A low email sender rating indicates an even more urgent problem, as your email sender rating is an aggregate of all your email delivery ratings and effects your ability to send.

Here, we have included a series of questions to help you to determine why your ratings are low. Your answer to these questions should help pinpoint the problem and reverse the actions that have led to low ratings.

Question 1: Have You Recently Imported Any New Contacts? A New List?

When a contact makes an email complaint it is typically because they simply did not want to receive the email or do not remember signing up for emails from your account. When you receive a lot of complaints associated with a list it's important to ask yourself, "Where did this contact list come from?" If your list came from one of these sources or scenarios:
  • List rental: Are you sending an email message on behalf of some other company or organization to one of your lists?
  • Purchased list: Did you pay money to acquire the list?
  • Co-registration: Do contacts that sign up to receive your email messages also receive email messages from another company you are a partner with?
  • Borrowing a list from some other company, department, or organization?
  • Has it been over two years from the point of collecting the address to your Bronto delivery?
Then there's a good chance that contacts on the list complained because they never agreed, or don't remember agreeing, to receive email messages from you. In other words, these contacts did not give explicit permission.

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you are probably sending to an unhealthy list comprised of contacts who either don't want to, or never agreed to, receive email messages from you or sending to a dated list of contacts who do not remember signing up. Maintaining a healthy list of contacts that want to receive your email messages is essential to achieving a strong email delivery and email sender rating. Sending to contacts you know are healthy, as well as working with Bronto's Deliverability Team to resolve issues with an unhealthy list, can help improve your rating.

If you answered NO to all of these questions, continue on to question 2.

Tip: If a contact is frequently complaining and you want to stop sending email to them, you can add them to your suppression list. For more information on the suppression list, see Suppression Lists.

Question 2: Have You Made Any Significant Changes To Your Email Message In The Past 30 Days?

If your email delivery rating begins to unexpectedly fall, despite that fact that you continue to send to a healthy list that has seldom complained in the past, then the problem may be with your email message. You should ask yourself:

  • Have I deviated from the way I normally compose my subject line?
  • Have I changed my from name and/or from address?
  • Is the look and feel of my email message content drastically different?
  • Am I sending co-branded or partnered emails?
  • Have you increased sending volume to your contact lists?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then try tinkering with your email message. Keep the things that have worked in the past, and be cognizant of the impact of making large changes in the future.

If you have answered NO to all of these questions, continue on to question 3.

Question 3: I Have Gone Through Questions 1 and 2, Now What?

If you have gone through questions 1 and 2 and still cannot find out why your email sender and delivery ratings are low, then you should contact Support. Chances are, there is an issue unique to your situation that they will be able to pinpoint and help to remedy. To contact Support, click on the Support link in the top right corner of the screen. For more information on the email sender rating and email delivery rating, see Sender and Delivery Rating.