A contact is a unique email address and/or mobile number in your account.

In order to work with contacts, you need to import them into Bronto. However, you do not need to wait until your contacts are imported in order to set up your contact fields, lists, or segments. Contacts who are imported after fields, lists, and segments are set up are automatically mapped appropriately based on their contact data.

While contacts are essential to a successful email marketing campaign, don't fall into the trap of thinking more is better. Equally important to having contacts, is how you manage those contacts. After all, if you send your email to 1 million people and none of them end up buying anything, then the fact that you have 1 million contacts really doesn't mean anything. Think about it, would you prefer a list of 100 contacts that continually interact with you and make purchases, or would you rather have 1 million contacts that rarely open your emails and never buy anything? That being said, don't just throw out your list because the majority of the contacts on it don't ever interact with your messages. Rather, try figuring out ways to engage these contacts with more targeted messaging. Remember, a key part of a successful email marketing campaign is not just having contacts, but properly managing those contacts with tools like segments and fields, so that you can realize the greatest ROI (return on investment) from your campaign.