NetSuite Connector Advanced Options

The NetSuite Connector Advanced page provides several options you can use to tweak and/or test your connector settings.

Each option on this page is explained in the table below.

Statistic Description
Settings If Sync Empty Values is set to No, empty fields will not be exchanged between NetSuite and Bronto. When set to No, this setting overrides any other sync options you may have set. If set to Yes, the exchange of empty/blank data fields will follow the individual sync rules you set.
Concurrency This determines the volume for consecutive imports. If you feel like data exchange is causing network lag issues, you can adjust this to a lower number in order to decrease the import volume.
Schedule Task Here you can manually run a contact or order import, or test your import settings. A manual import can be useful if you made an adjustment in NetSuite or the connector and want to update your data before the next data exchange is scheduled. For example, you may have mapped a new contact field. To manually run an import, select the type of import from the Task list and click Execute.

You do not have to have test mode on to test an import. For more information about testing, see Test NetSuite Data Imports

Execution Results Here you can see the results of your test imports. Click View Results for a detailed report.