Choose A Shared or Dedicated Short Code

You can use the default "shared" short code for your SMS messages, or you can use a "private" dedicated short code. To help you decide which short code is best for you, the following chart compares using a shared short code versus a dedicated short code:

Shared Dedicated
Shared with all other Bronto accounts in your country. Your contacts see your messages in the same thread as other Bronto accounts Private code exclusive to your Bronto account. Your contacts see your messages in a private thread
Limited keywords. You can choose keywords not already in use in your region Unlimited keywords. You can choose whatever keywords you want to use
Limited customization for compliance messaging Edit or compose your own compliance messaging except for STOP
No additional set up, no cost Requires application to your carrier with an 8-12 week approval process, annual cost. For more information, contact your Account Manager