Data Loader Error Messages

There are a few error messages you might see when using the Data Loader app.

The following will help you troubleshoot any error messages you may encounter when using Data Loader.

Parser halted on file.csv: line (xxx) invalid char between encapsulated token and delimiter

This means the CSV parser encountered an invalid format on the specific line number in the file, and stopped parsing the file for safety reasons. For comma delimiters, this most likely means that an embedded " character is within quoted columns. There are three possible fixes for this:

  • Change the file format to tab delimiters, and drop the surrounding quotes around the columns.
  • Escape the embedded quote by adding a " next to the embedded quote.
  • Escape the embedded quote by prepending a \ before the embedded quote.

111: Your IP address does not have access for token

The error is due to security settings in your Bronto account regarding API access from an unknown IP. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > Security Settings, check the box Allow API access from unknown IPs not defined in Network Access, and save the changes.