Data Loader

With Data Loader you can set up automatic daily or hourly imports of your contact, order, and/or Coupon Manager data into Bronto.

To view Data Loader, go to Settings > Data Loader.

To use Data Loader you:
  1. Add files to an FTP site that Bronto provides.
  2. Set up import jobs that scan this FTP location for files matching the import settings.
  3. Update the files, or add additional import jobs, as you want to import new or updated content.

When Data Loader finds files matching a File name Matching Pattern during a scan, it will attempt to run the associated import job. Data Loader will import any file that matches the File name Matching Pattern for that import—there is no limit to the number of files you can import at once. After an import job is run you can view a report to see if your import was successful and to troubleshoot any issues that import may have had. Bronto scans the FTP site at the frequency you set for Data Loader imports and this setting can be adjusted from the main Data Loader page.

While we use the word import, and you are importing delimited data files, adding new content to Bronto isn't all the Data Loader is capable of. You can also use Data Loader to update existing contact or order data, to remove order data from Bronto, and to redeem coupon codes.

Main Page of Data Loader With Configured Imports

This table explains the elements on the main Data Loader page.

Page Element Description
Configured Imports Contains all of the configured imports for a account.
  • Click the name of an import to view or adjust it.
  • The Enabled toggle can turn on or off an import.
  • The Actions buttons allow you to rename an import, create a copy of an import, run a test import, view reports for an import, or delete an import.
Create Import button Creates a new Data Loader import. For specific details about how to create a specific type of import, see the relevant Data Loader help topic.
Account Information box Displays
  • The frequency in which configured imports are set to run. To adjust the import frequency, click the time settings to switch from Daily to Hourly, or click the hour shown to change the time of day imports will run.
  • Provides a link to view FTP credentials
  • Provides a link to change the FTP server password.
Uploaded Files list Is a list of files that have been added to the FTP server but have not been processed. You can click on a file to download it.
If a file remains in the Uploaded Files list after all scheduled imports have run, then the file did not match any configured imports. If you transfer a file to the FTP server but do not see it in this list, either
  • The configured import ran between when the file was transferred and you checked the list.
  • Or the file transfer was not successful.
To investigate, check the reports for the imports that would apply to the file. A test run does not remove a file from this list.