Order Data Import With Order Service

We recommend setting up an integration that will automatically pass the order data from your system into Bronto in real-time.

Order Service is the back-end service Bronto uses to automatically pass order data from your site into your Bronto account. With Order Service, data is collected and passed in real-time from your site to Bronto. If you are using a Connector, Order Service integration is built-in. All other clients should use Bronto's Javascript code implementation to pass order data.

Note: You cannot use either New Reports or Recommendations Premium if you do not use Order Service to supply Bronto with order data.

There are two ways you can set up your account to use Order Service.

Connector Implementation

If you use Shopify, NetSuite, Magento, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can set up the relevant Bronto connector to pass order data. See the link for your integration for information on how to do this.

JavaScript Code Implementation

If you do not use a Connector, the preferred way to send data to Bronto is to use Javascript code. Get started by adding both the the Script Manager snippet and JavaScript code (that you customize) to your site. You will need to configure your Javascript code to collect data from your site by updating it with variables that retrieve order data.