Total Clicks Per Link Metric

The total clicks per link metric represents the total number of times a specific link was clicked in a particular message, delivery, A/B split test, automated message rule, or delivery group. If a contact clicks link A in your message 10 times, then 10 clicks would be recorded for that particular link.

What Does The Total Clicks Per Link Metric Represent?

Why Is The Total Clicks Per Link Metric Important?

Tip: A high number of clicks can mean very different things depending on the context. It could mean that contacts were intrigued enough by the content of your message to keep returning to it clicking on a link more than once, or it could mean that certain links produced unwanted or confusing results, leading to re-tries or duplicate clicks of a link.
Tip: The clicks per link metric is a measure of the unique clicks per link. For more information on the clicks per link metric, see Clicks Per Link Metric.

How Is The Total Clicks Per Link Metric Calculated?