Toolbox Feed Parser

Feed parser gives you the ability to extract content from a feed's URL so it can be included in message content.

With feed parser, you can identify the feed you want to pull content from, modify the feed's content, and add the content to a header, footer, content tag, or message body. You can also use feed parser to automatically update content from the feed using a nightly refresh or manually update content as changes to the feed occur.

Note: Toolbox is not compatible with the Email Message Editor. To use Toolbox features, select the HTML (Code Editor) as the Email Message Type.
The following table covers the basics:
Icon Description

Create Parser

Allows you to create a need connection between a message, header, footer, or content tag and a feed. For more information see Parse Feeds With Toolbox.


Checks the feed for new content and updates content in Bronto as needed.


Displays a preview of the last imported feed content.

Edit Name

Updates the name of a feed parser. To edit the parser itself, click on its name.


Creates a copy of a feed parser. This is useful if you want to duplicate the current feed content and use it in a different way.


Deletes a feed, breaking any connection that may exist between it and message content.

Toggle Nightly Refresh

Turns on or off a nightly pull of content from the feed.