Socialite allows you to connect your Bronto contact data to your social media accounts in order to drive list growth and revenue.

Important: If you do not have the Socialite app and would like information about purchasing it, see Bronto's App Center or contact your account manager.

Socialite is used to pass contact information between Bronto and your Facebook account.


There are two ways you can use Socialite with Facebook. First, you can create a Facebook audience from a Bronto list or segment. This audience can be used as a custom audience in Facebook to target ads to these contacts. An audience can also be used to make a lookalike audience. A lookalike audience identifies other Facebook users who are similar to the custom audience but not already part of it.

You can also use Socialite to create Facebook tabs. A Facebook tab created in Socialite is similar to Bronto's add contact webform; it collects and passes contact data from Facebook to Bronto.