Pop-Up Manager

Pop-Up Manager is used to design pop-up messages that can capture the email addresses of people who visit your site.

Important: If you do not have the Pop-Up Manager app and would like information about purchasing it, see Bronto's App Center or contact your account manager.

With Pop-up Manager you can design pop-ups and ribbons. A pop-up is a form that site visitors can enter contact information into. When the pop-up is submitted, this information is passed to Bronto as contact data. Pop-ups are an easy way to quickly and easily manage your list growth by turning site visitors into Bronto contacts. Additionally, you know these contacts are engaged and interested in your marketing promotions.

A ribbon is a banner attached to the top of your page that contains a single line of text that serves as a call to action. Clicking on a ribbon opens your pop-up so that a site visitor can submit their information. Ribbons are less intrusive than pop-ups on mobile devices and provide an easy way to access a pop-up again after it has been dismissed.

To use Pop-up Manager you need to connect Pop-up Manager to your site, design and configure your pop-ups and ribbon, and activate the pop-ups so they can be displayed on your site.