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Email, Social, and SMS
Create, edit, view, and send your email, Twitter, Facebook, and SMS messages.
Message Tags
Message tags can customize content to each contact who is sent a message.
Dynamic Content
Dynamic content allows you customize content in a message using conditional logic.
Deliveries are a collection of all the messages sent to a group of contacts at a particular time
Campaigns provides the ability to organize, track, and manage Bronto messages.
Delivery Groups
Delivery groups allow you to group messages, deliveries, and posts for reports.
A contact is a unique email address and/or mobile number in your account.
Segments are dynamic lists of contacts grouped together by criteria that you define.
Lists are static groups of contacts that can be used for high-level organization.
Your Site Data
Products allows you to import product information from data feeds into Bronto.
You can import your order data into Bronto and use it in a variety of ways.
Integrate Bronto with leading e-commerce platforms to seamless exchange data.
Bronto Apps
Allows you to build dynamic, customized product recommendations.
Browse Recovery
Allows you to capture potentially lost revenue based on the behavior of contacts on your site.
Cart Recovery
Helps identify contacts who place items in a shopping cart without completing an order.
Coupon Manager
An easy way to generate unique coupon codes and keep track of used coupon codes.
Pop-Up Manager
Used to design pop-ups that can capture the email addresses of people who visit your site.
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Bronto API Help
Find details about using Bronto's REST and SOAP API.
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