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Bronto Navigation
The Bronto platform has navigation tools that you can use to quickly move between areas of the platform. The navigation is collapsible.
Video Library
The video library contains instructive tutorials on various application features.
Bronto Knowledge Base Search
The search engine for the Bronto Knowledge Base suggests topics as you type in the Search field, supports Boolean operators, and can perform exact searches.
Build, design, and customize messages and webforms.
Email Message Editor
You can use the email message editor to quickly and easily build your email messages.
Other Email Editors
While most customers prefer to use the email message editor or the HTML editor, Bronto also provides the flexibility of using plain text, web page, and template editors.
Content Tags
Content tags allow you to create reusable "blocks" of content that you can use in the body, header, and footer of your messages.
Headers And Footers
You can create headers and footers that can be used across multiple messages.
Feed Parser
Feed Parser enables you to select content in your RSS or Atom feed to include in your email. You can build a Feed Parser template which populates your message with feed metadata, for example the title, description, and image for each feed entry.
Link Modifier
Link Modifier allows you to append URLs in your email message with parameters that help you track your campaigns and generate metrics for external tools like Google Analytics.
Message Personalization
Bronto provides several ways you can personalization messages for specific contacts, or groups of contacts, in order to improve the success of your marketing campaigns.
Email Best Practices
We've provided several topics related to best practices for email in order to help you achieve better marketing campaign success.
Webforms provide you with a powerful way to sign-up new contacts, collect information from existing/future contacts, and allow your contacts to easily manage their preferences.
Creating A Message For Twitter
Create a tweet in Bronto and post to Twitter. You can post to any Twitter account that you integrate with Bronto.
Text-To-Join allows you to grow your email-marketing list by providing a way for potential contacts to text their email address to a short code and be automatically added to one of your lists.
Test and schedule message deliveries.
Test Email
Continuous testing (and re-testing) is the only way to maximize your email marketing investment.
A/B Split Tests
A/B split tests allow you to automate the tedious steps of testing different message types and provide access to valuable testing data with a minimal investment of your time.
SMS (Short Message Service) is a paid service in Bronto that enables you to create and send SMS and multimedia (MMS) messages. You can also use SMS keywords to interact with your contacts. To get started, follow each section in this guide.
Post Twitter
Delivery Calendar
The Delivery Calendar is a great way to see when your messages went out in the past, and when your messages are scheduled to go out in the future.
Simplify tasks with Bronto automation features.
Workflows allow you to automate steps of a multichannel marketing life-cycle by specifying combinations of triggers, filters, and actions that determine how to handle contact data and what marketing communications to send.
Automated Message Rules
Automated Message Rules are a set of criteria you define that can be used to automatically send emails.There are four different types of AMRs: Activity-Based, Date-Based, Scheduled Recurring, and API Triggered.
Sort contacts and store contact data.
Segments are dynamic lists of contacts grouped together by criteria that you define.
Lists are static groups of contacts that are great for high-level organization of your contacts. You will want to think about multiple lists for different departments, different goals, etc. You might even break out your audience into opted-in and not yet opted-in lists.
Contact Fields
Contact fields are data containers that you can use to save information about your contacts.
Analyze email performance, contact behavior, and other Bronto metrics.
New Reports
Legacy Reports
Report Metrics
This section of documentation lists each individual report metric in Bronto with granular details about every metric.
Find and review data stored in Bronto.
Search For Contacts In Your Account
View Email
You can view all of the messages in your account, information about a single message, or preview what a message will look like to your contacts.
Viewing Sent Email Deliveries
The table on the Email Deliveries page contains information about the email messages you have sent.
Product Search
The Product Search page allows you to quickly search through imported product data.
Orders Page
The Orders page allows you to search through and view the orders in your account. You can access the Orders page from the Commerce > Orders menu.
View All The Workflows In Your Account
This topic describes all of the columns in the Workflows Overview table.
Audit Log
The Audit Log allows you to see actions that have been performed within your Bronto account.
The Activities page displays active application processes.
The dashboard is where you can view snapshots of information about your account statistics and application functionality.
Learn how to get data into Bronto.
Contact Imports
The import feature allows you to upload a list of contacts that you can add, update, unsubscribe, or delete as part of the import process.
Initial Product Data Feed Import Process
You must follow a specific process to import product data into Bronto for the first time.
Importing Order Data
Bronto lets you import order data from your e-commerce website, your in-store point of sale system, or any other database that you use to collect orders. If you are using the Bronto Cart Recovery App, you can also import cart data.
File Management
File Management allows you to easily store files (PDFs, images, custom font files, etc.) online in your account.
Data Loader
Data Loader enables you to create daily or hourly jobs that import your contact and order data into Bronto. You can also update or remove contact and order data from Bronto.
Set up Bronto Connectors, APIs, and Partner Tools.
NetSuite Connector
The NetSuite connector provides a seamless integration between your Bronto and NetSuite accounts so that contact and order data can be exchanged between them.
Shopify Connector
The Shopify Connector provides a seamless integration between your Bronto and Shopify accounts. You can import Shopify contact, product, and order to Bronto. You can also export data to Shopify with Shopify Customer Data Sync.
Magento 2 Connector
The Magento Connector provides an integration between your Bronto and Magento accounts so that Magento data can be imported and used in Bronto.
Magento 1 Extension
The Magento 1 Extension provides an integration between your Bronto and Magento M1 account so that Magento data can be imported and used in Bronto.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector
The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector provides an integration between your Bronto and Salesforce Commerce Cloud accounts so that Salesforce Commerce Cloud data can be imported and used in Bronto.
Script Manager Overview
Bronto Script Manager is a single script that runs on each page of your e-commerce site. Script Manager acts as a base for Bronto features, making it easy for you to quickly turn individual features off and on without needing to update code on your site. You can also use Script Manager in collaboration with capture scripts that do not run on every page.
Health Check Overview
Bronto automatically checks the health of your NetSuite, Shopify, and Magento connectors every day.
Set Up/Edit SOAP API Access Tokens
SOAP API Access Tokens allow you to manage access to our SOAP API.
REST API Integrations
REST API integrations allow you to manage access to the Orders and Shopping Cart REST APIs.
Cipher Suites Supported By Bronto Connector
To verify whether Bronto Connector supports your cipher suite, review the following list:
Set Up Your Account So You Can Post To Twitter
Integrating your account with a Twitter account allows you to post to Twitter.
Partner Tools
You can set up connections between Bronto and other applications.
Understand REST and SOAP API clients.
The Bronto API was built on the SOAP web service, so most of the interactions you have with Bronto’s API will be SOAP-based.
Bronto’s newest offerings leverage the convenience and flexibility of REST. With our REST API client, you can access and work with your product and order data.
API Tutorials
API Errors
This is a list of the SOAP and REST API errors you may receive.
TLS Support
If you have developed an application that uses the Bronto API on a server, that server uses TLS when connecting to the Bronto application.
Use the Bronto API To Manage Consent Records
You can add or update consent records with the addContacts, updateContacts, and/or addOrUpdateContacts calls. The criteria for whether a new consent log entry will be created varies depending on which API method you use.
Manage contact data, platform setup, and user accounts.
Your Account Information
The Account page is where you manage all of the information regarding your account.
Users are separate logins for different people that need to access your account.
The Settings menu allows you to configure the settings associated with your account.
Multi-Brand Platform
Bronto's Multi-Brand account allows you to separate internal business lines or departments while still using a common product.
Manage Contacts
Manage contacts allows you to import, export, and clean contact lists, as well as generate contact reports.
Peers are other accounts that you can view metrics for and evaluate your email marketing performance against.
Install additional apps to use with Bronto.
Allows you to build dynamic, customized product recommendations.
Recommendations Web
Recommendations Web allows you to display your Bronto recommendations on your website as recommendation blocks.
Browse Recovery App
Allows you to capture potentially lost revenue based on the behavior of contacts on your site.
Cart Recovery App
Helps identify contacts who place items in a shopping cart without completing an order.
Coupon Manager App
An easy way to generate unique coupon codes and keep track of used coupon codes.
Pop-Up Manager
Used to design pop-ups that can capture the email addresses of people who visit your site.
Using Google Analytics with Pop-Up Manager
You can use Google Analytics with Pop-Up Manager and see reports on pop-up view, click, and submission events.
Social Bridge
Bronto has partnered with Annex Cloud to leverage your Bronto lists and segments to create Facebook Tabs and Audiences and drive your social media marketing initiatives.
Apps Dashboard
The Apps Dashboard at Settings > Apps Dashboard provides an access point to all of your installed apps.
Launch An App
After an app has been purchased, you can launch the app and begin using it.
Get Support For A Bronto App
Apps developed by Bronto are supported by Bronto.
Get Support For A Third-Party App
Third party applications are developed and supported by third party developers.
Review information on data compliance, security, and third-party affiliates.
Additional Resources
Most information you need to use Bronto is in this knowledge base. When you can't find what you need, or need a little extra assistance, Bronto support can help resolve your issues.
Data Export Resources
Data Retention Policy
Our Data Retention Policy outlines what data we maintain indefinitely and what data we periodically delete.
Content Security Policies
Content Security Policies are delivered as a header to your contacts' browser by your web server and they are used to declare which dynamic resources are allowed to load on your page.
Bronto Cookies
Bronto uses cookies to collect information about your contacts in order to help you personalize marketing campaigns. In this topic we explain what each cookie is used for, the data that is collected by each cookie, and what the cookie duration is. Any information collected by the cookie that is stored in Bronto is retained based on Bronto's data retention policy for the type of data collected.
Browser Compatibility
Bronto supports the most recent versions of commonly used browsers.
Oracle Bronto Affiliates and Subcontractors That May Process Personal Data
The following third-party subprocessors may process Personal Data. Additional subprocessors may be used to deliver services on a project by project basis. To request this information to be included in your applicable order for services, please contact your Oracle NetSuite sales representative.
Creative Commons Attribution
Bronto uses several publicly available works under Creative Commons and open source licensing.
How Contacts Can Request To Be Unsubscribed
There are several ways Bronto contacts can request to be unsubscribed.
Bronto Security Guide