Use The Cart Is Abandoned Trigger Node In Workflows

The Cart Is Abandoned trigger node begins a workflow when a shopping cart is abandoned.

About this task

Important: This topic only applies to you if you pass cart or order data from your site into Bronto.

In a workflow, use the Cart Is Abandoned trigger node to send an email to a contact which encourages them to purchase products in an abandoned order.

The first email that you send in this type of workflow can be transactional. Subsequent emails must be marketing messages.

Cart Is Abandoned Trigger Node

Prerequisites: Set up Cart Recovery to recognize when a cart is abandoned, and create the emails that you want to trigger.


  1. Go to Automation > Workflows and select Create New Workflow.
  2. Drag the Cart Is Abandoned trigger node to the workflow canvas.
  3. Set whether you want previously abandoned carts to enter this workflow:
    1. Click will or will not in the node text.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • will not to exclude carts that have been abandoned previously.
      • will to allow previously abandoned carts to go through this workflow.
    3. Select Done.
  4. To avoid sending redundant emails, customize which contacts to exclude based on the time elapsed since their last order:
    1. Select 1 days in the node text.
    2. Select a unit of time from the days list.
    3. Enter the corresponding length of time in the 1 box.
    4. Select Done.
  5. Continue to build your cart abandonment workflow with other filter and trigger nodes.

    For example, you can use the Cart Status Filter Node to send contacts to different paths based on the current status of their cart.