Search for Products by Attribute

About this task

You can search products to see a list of products with similar attributes or to find a specific product by searching for a product based on its field.

To search for products:


  1. Go to Commerce > Products.
  2. Click Search Products.
    The Search Products page is displayed.
    Product Search Page Without Data
  3. Select the product field you want to search on.

    You should see every type of product field you have imported in the list of available options.

    When you select a field some, but not all, fields will add the option to select additional filter criteria.

  4. If the filter list is displayed, select a filter from the list.

    For example, if you selected a field that is based on a date you will need to choose if you want to see products that fall on, before, or after that date. Typically, numerical fields include additional filter criteria and text fields do not.

  5. Enter the value you would like to search for in the Search box.
  6. Click Search.


The products that match your search criteria are displayed in the table. For more information about the fields shown in the table see Product Field Descriptions. You can sort your search results based on any column except the Product ID.