Import a Product Feed Manually

You must use the manual import option the first time you import a product data feed. After that, you can either configure automatic imports or manually import product catalog updates.

Before you begin

You must configure your feed formats and map your product attributes to Bronto fields.

About this task

You can only run one manual import at a time. You should include all products that you want to reference in your order data import. After your initial import, you can only import your active products. The initial import feed should contain any products that were active in the past 18 months. Importing more products and orders increases the accuracy of Bronto's predictive models and leads to more personalized recommendations.

Important: Your product feed file cannot contain more than 3 million products and must use a supported format.

To manually import a feed:


  1. Go to Commerce > Products.
  2. Click Import Products.
  3. To upload a file from your computer:
    1. Click Upload a File.
    2. Select your product data feed and click Open.
  4. To upload a file from your FTP or HTTP location, click Pull file from configured location.
    For FTP and FTPS imports, Bronto checks for the existence of a file that matches the file name pattern. If one is found, the file is imported only when the data feed's time stamp is later than the time stamp of the last successful file import.
    Note: The file time stamp is based on the FTP site’s time zone. If that time zone is different from the your site's time zone, the comparison might incorrectly believe the file is newer or older than the last successful import and process it accordingly. To avoid this issue, make sure the FTP time zone and your site's time zone is set to the same value.

    For HTTP and HTTPS imports, Bronto checks for the last modified date in the response header. The import is completed only if that date and time is later than the date and time of the last successful import. If no last modified date appears in the response header, Bronto assumes the file is the most current and completes the import.

  5. Click Import.
    The Confirm Import window is displayed.
  6. Click Continue.

    The import process begins. Stay on this page until the file upload is complete.

    Warning: If you click away from this page, or click any other option on this page, before the file upload completes your import will be terminated.


When file upload completes, you are redirected to the Product Import History page, which contains your product reports. You will also receive a notification when an import is complete. For more information about product reports see View Product Reports.