Creating a Custom Product Field

About this task

You should always try to map product attributes to an existing, relevant Bronto field because predefined fields can be used in report metrics. However, if you do not find a relevant product attribute in the list of fields provided, you can create a custom field for your product data.

Bronto has provided a list of industry standard fields you can pick from when you create a custom field. If you use a Google data feed, your custom field is probably in this list, but you also have the option of defining your field without selecting from the list.

The data type of a custom field cannot be changed after the field is created. This is to ensure that existing references to the field are not broken by these changes. You can edit a custom field's label and description after creation.


  1. Go to Commerce > Products.
  2. Click Map Product Fields.
  3. Click Add Fields.
  4. To add a standard Google Field, select the field from the Google Fields list.

    When you select a Google field, the data type and label are defined for you.

    Add Google Field
  5. To add your own custom field:
    1. Enter a field name in the Label box.
    2. Enter a field description in the Description box.
    3. Select the field's data type from the Type list.
      For more information, see Product Field Data Types.
    Add Custom Field
  6. Click
    • Save and Add Another to save your changes and stay on the page.
    • Save Changes to save your changes and return to the Product Overview page.