Configuring Your Product Feed Settings

About this task

Before you can perform the initial import of your feed, you need to configure the format of your feed. This lets Bronto know how to process the data within your feed.


  1. Go to Commerce > Products.
  2. Click Configure Import Feed.
    Product Feed Settings Configuration
  3. Select the feed's file type from the Feed Format list.

    A Delimited file is a document that contains rows of data where each data element is separated by a delimiter and each line represents a new item.

  4. If you selected Delimited:
    1. Select the delimiter value from the Field Delimiter list.
      This is the character that indicates a separation in values between different attributes in your feed.
    2. If your delimited product data feed contains fields defined as Multi, select the delimiter from the Multi-Field Delimiter list.

      Multi is a collection of values for a single attribute that are separated by a "multi-field" delimiter. Multi cannot use the same delimiter as the Field Delimiter. For more information on the Multi data type, see Product Field Data Types.

  5. If your data feed uses quotation marks to set off field content, check the Use Quoted Fields box.
    Typically, you would use quotes around a field when you use the same character you use as your delimiter within the field.
  6. If you use a format other than the standard date format, check the Use a Custom Date Format box and enter the desired date format in the Date Format text box.

    The specified date format must match the format for all product data feed date fields. For more information about date formatting options, see Date Format Glossary.

  7. Click
    • Save Changes to save your changes and stay on the page.
    • Save and Close to save your changes and return to the Products Overview page.