Copying Messages From a Peer Account

You can copy messages from one sub account to another using the options on the Settings > Account Information > Peers Overview page.

About this task

Important: If you do not have a Multi-Brand account, your account does not use peers.

When you copy a message from one peer account to another, the URL for any content in the message referenced by a URL (images, links, etc.) will remain the same. Copying a message from one peer account to another will not change any URLs, including URLs for content hosted in the application.


  1. Log into the sub account you want to add the message to.
  2. While in this account, go to Settings > Account Information > Peers Overview.
  3. Click on the name of sub account that contains the message you want to copy.

    This is the name located in the Peer column.

  4. Click the Messages tab.
  5. Select the message or messages you want to copy by checking the box for each message.

    Peers Message Tab

  6. Click the Copy to My Account button.

    You should now see the copied messages in this sub account when you go to the Messages > All Messages page.