Schedule Report Exports

You can schedule report exports to run at a certain time or schedule recurring report exports.

About this task


  1. Find the report you want to schedule exports for.
  2. Configure your report export.
  3. Click on the Scheduling tab.
  4. Choose to export the report immediately or to schedule your report export for a specific date and time.
  5. If you choose Export at a Specific Date & Time, select a specific date and a specific time to export your report.
  6. Optional: Check the Repeat box to have the report export repeat at a specified interval.
    The repeat options are:
    • Daily: Choose a number from 1-31. For example, if you pick 20, the report export will run every 20 days.
    • Weekly: The report will export every week based on the date you set in the Date section.
    • Monthly: Enter the monthly interval for your report export to run. For example, every 3 months. You can also set a specific day of the month to run the report export.
    • Yearly: Select a month and day of the year for your report export to run.
    1. For End Date, choose when you want your recurring report exports to end.
      Choose from:
      • Never- The report export will run indefinitely.
      • Specific Date- Choose the date you want the recurring report exports to stop.

      If you do not choose an End Date, the report exports will end a year after the schedule date.

  7. Click Export.
    Note: You can only have up to 10 scheduled exports at one time.