Edit HTML Source Using The WYSIWYG Editor

About this task

The WYSIWYG editor is visually and functionally very similar to Microsoft Word. If you are not sure what the button icons on the WYSIWYG editor represent, you can mouse over them to display the buttons name. If you want to learn about the functionality of the buttons used in the WYSIWYG Editor, you can read the descriptions below.
Tip: You can edit multiple messages in multiple browser tabs. For example, you can edit your Monthly Newsletter in one tab, all while editing your Spring Sale message in another tab.

The Edit HTML Source button lets you view and edit the HTML source for your message. When you click this button, a pop-up window will appear containing the HTML source of your message.

Warning: If you do not click Update, any changes that you make to the HTML source will not be saved and reflected in the other versions of your message.

Any changes you make in the HTML source will be shown in the WYSIWYG editor and text view of your message provided you clicked Update. Checking he Word Wrap box ensures all of the HTML content fits into the default window size so that you can see all of your HTML code without having to scroll sideways.