Verify Email Delivery Options

About this task

Once you have chosen all of the options for sending an email message, click Next. You will be brought to the Verify Delivery Options page. From, here all you need to do is review the options you have selected and click Send Delivery when you are finished.

Warning: An email message cannot be recalled or retracted once sent. Due to the way email works, no provider is able to recall email messages that have been sent out. You can cancel an email message that has been scheduled, but hasn't been sent, or is being sent, but hasn't completed. To do this, go to Messages > All Messages and click on Outgoing. Select the email message that you'd like to cancel, and then click the Stop Delivery button. You will then need to OK the warning message to finalize the cancellation.
Small email deliveries going to less than 10,000 contacts should deliver in a matter of a few moments. Larger deliveries will take longer. The application sends email messages on a first-come/first-served basis. If you schedule an email message in advance, there is greater likelihood that it will be first in line, and will therefore get delivered more quickly.
Note: Messages that are scheduled to be delivered immediately still need be prepared to be sent by the application. The amount of time it takes an email to prepare for delivery depends on multiple factors, including the size of the lists/segments being targeted, the number of excluded recipients, and frequency caps. Scheduling your delivery in advance will allow the system to prepare your delivery prior to the scheduled delivery time.