Post Twitter

About this task

Posting to Twitter allows you to post a Twitter message (AKA a ßTweet) to any Twitter account you have integrated with.

To post a message to Twitter:


  1. Go to Messages > All Messages.
  2. Click on Twitter.
  3. Click on the name of the Twitter message you want to post.
  4. Click Schedule.
    Schedule Twitter Post

    If you don't see a schedule button, then your message has not been approved for sending. For more information on granting or requesting message approval, see Grant Or Request Message Approval.

  5. Take a look at the preview and make sure everything looks OK with your message before continuing on.
    Preview Of A Twitter Message
  6. In the Post To The Following Twitter Account(s) section, select which Twitter account you want to post to.
    Schedule Twitter Post

    It is possible to setup posting for more than one Twitter account. For more information on setting up posting with a Twitter account, see Set Up Your Account So You Can Post To Twitter.

  7. In the Schedule Post section, select when to post the message. You have two options:
    • Post to Twitter now: This option will post to Twitter now.
    • Post to Twitter at a specific time: This option allows you to pick a specific date and time to post to Twitter. Use the date and time picker to choose the specific date and time.
    Schedule Twitter Post Time
  8. Click Save.