Filter A Report By Date Range

About this task

You can filter reports to view metrics within a specific date range. For example, you can filter deliveries to only view deliveries made within the last week, month, or year. You have the option to select from predefined date ranges, or set a custom date range.

When you filter a report by a date range, report metrics in gray bars and graphs may vary from the metrics in report grids because these datasets are collected differently. Metrics provided in bars and graphs are based on the event date. Metrics provided in report grids, like the grid on the Clicks tab, are based on the delivery date.

To filter a report by date range:


  1. Navigate to a report.
  2. Click the calendar icon.

    The calendar icon is to the right of the last report section tab.

    Filter Report Calendar
  3. Select a date filter from the list of available filters by clicking on it.
    If a filter has an arrow to the left of it, clicking on the filter drops down a list of additional choices.
  4. To use a custom date range, click Custom and add a start and an end date in the date boxes.
    Custom Filter Report Calendar
  5. To remove the filter, click the calendar icon and then click on All Time.