Preview Email While Editing

When creating or editing an email, you can click the Preview button to preview the email in desktop and mobile layouts.

About this task

You can preview emails in desktop and mobile format in both the email message editor and the HTML/WYSIWYG editor. To preview what the email will look like in real email clients (like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), you can purchase the Previewer app. For more information see Previewer.


  1. Go to the Edit Message page by creating a new email message or by editing an existing email.
  2. Click the:
    • Preview button in the email message editor.
    • Show Preview button in the WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Optional: You can preview the email in different layouts:
    • In the email message editor, click the Desktop or Mobile labels to switch between layouts.
    • In the WYSIWYG editor, select a format from the list in the upper-right corner.

      Select Email Message Preview Layouts