View A Comparison Report From The Outgoing Deliveries Page

About this task

You can view metrics for deliveries, deliveries made using a specific message, deliveries sent via an automated message rule, or deliveries in a specific delivery group. You can compare a delivery, message, automated message, delivery group, or workflow in any combination of six items.

For more information on comparison reports, see Comparison Reports.

To add an item to comparison report:


  1. Go to Messages > Dashboard.
  2. Click Outgoing.
  3. Check the boxes next to the deliveries or posts you want to compare.
    You can compare a total of six deliveries or posts.
  4. Click Compare.
    The comparison report is displayed.
  5. Provided you have less than six items added to the comparison report, you can add additional items to compare by clicking
    • Add Delivery
    • Add Message
    • Add Automated Message
    • Add Delivery Group