Create A Gmail Annotation

You can create a Gmail annotation for any email message in the Email Message Editor.

About this task

However, for a contact to see an annotation with your message, they must:
  • Have the Gmail mobile app installed for Android or iOS
  • Have the Promotions tab enabled
  • Have images set to Always Show
  • Have Conversation View enabled
  • Have bundling of top emails enabled
Even if a contact has all of these settings, there is no guarantee that they will see your annotation. Annotation visibility depends on the quality of the email, sender reputation, and the contact's prior engagement with the brand. If a contact is already opening 100% of your messages, there is no reason to offer an annotation if we can predict they will open it anyway.

See Google's documentation for annotation best practices. To create a Gmail annotation:


  1. In the Email Message Editor, go to Settings.
    Restriction: Gmail annotations are not supported in HTML messages or elements.
  2. Click Gmail Annotations.
    Tip: The following steps are all optional.
  3. Add an Annotation Logo.
  4. Check the Include a Discount Offer box if you want to include a discount offer.
  5. Add an Offer Description.
  6. Add an Offer Code.
  7. Select a Start Date for your offer.
  8. Select a duration for your offer.
  9. Check the Include a Promotional Image? box if you want to include a promotional image with your offer.
    If you want to make sure your image is cropped properly, your image should be 538 x 138 pixels in size and have a 3.9 aspect ratio. GIF and WEBP images are not supported.
  10. Click Preview to see what your annotation will look like.
    Note: The preview might not look exactly like the Gmail Annotation that contacts will receive.
  11. Click Done.