Schedule A Regular Delivery Of An Email

About this task

We recommend you test your email messages before sending them. For more information on sending test deliveries, see Message Testing Program.

Warning: If a delivery of an email message has already been scheduled and it is in the outgoing email message queue, you will need to stop the delivery and reschedule it in order to include any changes made to the email message after it was initially scheduled to be sent. If you don't do this, the changes you make will not be included until the next delivery of the email message.

For more information on stopping a delivery, see Stop A Delivery.

To begin scheduling a regular delivery of an email message:


  1. Go to Messages > All Messages.
  2. Click on the name of an email message.
  3. In the Schedule Delivery section, click the Regular radio button.
  4. Click Schedule.
    From here, you will begin selecting the scheduling and recipient details for the delivery.
    Tip: For more information on selecting recipient and scheduling details, see Send Email.
    Scheduling A Regular Delivery