Adding A Browse Loop In The Email Message Editor

A browse loop enables you to use product tags which dynamically insert items that were browsed, and not purchased, into an email. You can use the Browse loop in a recovery message to remind your contact of the items they have browsed.


  1. Create or open a message in the Email Message Editor.
  2. In the Containers palette, drag three 1 Column containers to the message canvas.
  3. Click Elements.
    The Elements palette opens.
  4. Under Advanced, drag Browse Loop to the first container on the message canvas.
  5. Drag ^ End Browse Loop to the third container.
  6. Under Basic, drag Text to the middle container.
    The Text Settings menu opens.
  7. Click Insert and select Product Tag.
    The Insert Product Tag pop-up opens.
  8. Select the product tag that you want to include in your browse loop, and click Insert Product Tag.
  9. Optional: Repeat step 8 for each product tag that you want to include in your browse loop.
  10. Optional: Include any product tag in your browse loop elsewhere in your message.

    For example, you want to highlight product information in the subject or message body outside the browse loop.

    Locate where you want to add the product information, and include the following:



    • {index} specifies the position of the product in your browse loop. Starts at 1.
    • {prod_attribute} specifies the product attribute. For example, price.

    For example:

    Use the following product tag anywhere in your message to show the price of the first item in your browse loop.

  11. Click DONE.
    You have added a browse loop with product tags to your message.
  12. Optional: To preview your browse loop, click PREVIEW, and for Product ID(s) specify the product id(s) that you want to preview in your message.

What to do next

Continue to compose and edit your message, or click Save & Close.