Magento Extension Pop-Up Manager Integration

You can integrate with Bronto’s separate Pop-up Manager app, where you can manage multiple versions, perform A/B testing, and customize the design of your pop-up sign-ups in a visual editor.

About this task

Important: From June 30, 2020 Adobe will not support Magento 1. The Bronto Magento 1 extension will continue to function, but Oracle NetSuite has discontinued updates and client support. You can read more about Adobe's end of support plan for Magento 1 here.


  1. Copy the script tag from the Bronto Pop-up Manager

    pop-up manager script
    1. In Bronto, click Get Script Tag in your Pop-up Manager account.
    2. In the pop-up, select the Script Tag and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Add Pop-up script to the extension
    popup manager settings
    1. In Magento, go to System > Configuration.
    2. In the left menu, scroll until you see Bronto and click Pop-up Manager.
    3. Paste the script into the Pop-up Script text area.
    4. Optional: For Subscribe to Magento select Yes. If you choose yes, the customer subscribing to Pop-Up will be subscribed to the Magento newsletter for the store view.
    5. Click Save Config.
  3. To test:
    1. In Bronto Pop-Up Manager, make sure the pop-up is Active.
    2. Make sure the pop-up is working on your site:
      1. Clear the cookies in your browser.
      2. Go to your homepage.
      3. Verify the pop-up is working.