Magento 1 Extension Installation Prerequisites

Before you begin the installation, complete the checklist below to ensure success.

About this task

Important: From June 30, 2020 Adobe will not support Magento 1. The Bronto Magento 1 extension will continue to function, but Oracle NetSuite has discontinued updates and client support. You can read more about Adobe's end of support plan for Magento 1 here.

After you complete these prerequisites, there are two ways to install the Magento Extension. You can install using the Magento Connect Marketplace or install via FTP using the latest version provided in the Magento Extension release notes.


  1. Ensure you are on Magento Open Source 1.9+ or Magento Commerce 1.13+.
  2. Ensure your PHP version is 5.3+.
  3. Read the Release Notes.