Configure Magento Extension General Module

About this task

Important: From June 30, 2020 Adobe will not support Magento 1. The Bronto Magento 1 extension will continue to function, but Oracle NetSuite has discontinued updates and client support. You can read more about Adobe's end of support plan for Magento 1 here.

The General module controls all Bronto modules. Disabling this module will disable all other Bronto modules. You can find the API token, logging, registration, email formatting options, and Support information here. If you manage multiple stores in Magento, you can easily change configuration settings and map data from multiple stores to separate accounts in Bronto.


  1. Create an API token:
    1. In Bronto, go to Settings > Platform Settings > Data Exchange.
    2. Click Add Access Token at the right of the page.
    3. Specify a name for the token in the API Token Name text box.

      You should specify a descriptive name for the token.

    4. Check the boxes in the Permissions section that best describe the level of access you want for this token.

      Your options for API Access Token permissions are:

      • Read Access – Allow this token to read data from your account.
      • Write Access – Allow this token to write data and objects (such as fields, segments, contacts, etc.) to your account.
      • Send Access – Allow this token to schedule and send emails from this account.
    5. If you want to activate the token now, check the Token is active? box.

      You can always come back and activate the token at a later time.

    6. Click Save.
  2. Add the API token:
    1. In Magento, go to System > Configuration.
    2. In the left menu, scroll until you see Bronto and click General.
    3. In the Settings section, paste the token into the API Token field.

      The token will then validate.

    4. Change options as needed.
      These are the recommended settings:
      Debug: Enable
      Verbose Log Output: Disable
      Test Mode: Disable
      Error Notices: Disable
      Clear Old Bronto Logs Yes
      Clear Log Threshold: 30
  3. On the Registration page, configure your registration.
  4. Configure email formatting options
    You can change the options in the Email Formatting Options section. These are the recommended settings:
    Image Type: Small Image
    Image Width: 88
    Image Height: 77
    Default Greeting: Valued Customer
    Default Greeting Prefix: {blank}
    Default Greeting First Name: {blank}
    Default Greeting Last Name: {blank}
    Include Currency Symbol: No
    Include Tax in Reminder Emails: No
  5. Click Save Config to save the module.
  6. Verify the Bronto Token:
    1. In Magento, go to System > Configuration.
    2. In the side menu, scroll until you see Bronto and click General.
    3. Add your token from Bronto and click Verify Now.