Create Users

You can create additional users for your account.

About this task

If multiple people are going to be using your account, creating individual users is a great way to organize who can sign in to your account, and what privileges they have once they are signed in. Below you will find instructions describing how to create users.

The first step in organizing who has permission to access your account is to create users.

Note: We require that all passwords contain at least 6 characters. We also require that all user names contain at least 4 characters, and we recommend that you use email addresses for user names.

You can apply additional security around user logins and passwords by adjusting the security settings. For more information on adjusting the security settings, see Set Up Login Security and Expire All Passwords.

To create users:


  1. Go to Settings > Account Information > Users.
  2. Click Create New User.
  3. Fill in the Login Information and Additional Details for the user you are creating.
  4. Click Save.


You will be taken to that individual user's page. You will see a green box with a check mark inside of it that says "User added". The page title will read "User:(Name of user you just created)". The user is now created.