Usage Alerts

You can use the Usage Alerts page to configure usage alerts in order to help you monitor your email allocation usage.

About this task

It is important to know when you are nearing the email allocation threshold for you account. To help you monitor this, email volume alerts are automatically sent to the email address associated with your account when your utilization hits or exceeds 85%, 90%, 95%, and 99%. On the Usage Alerts page you can specify other usage percentages you want to receive alerts at. You also have the option of sending alerts to additional email addresses.

To edit usage alerts:


  1. Go to Settings > Account Information > Usage Alerts.
  2. Click Edit Usage Alerts.

    The Edit Usage Alerts page is displayed.

  3. Optional: Enter additional email address(es) in the Usage Alert Email Address box if you want alerts to go to another email address.

    If you want to enter multiple email addresses, separate each address with a comma. Alerts will still be sent to the email address associated with your account in addition to the specified email addresses.

  4. Set the threshold percentages that will trigger usage alert emails.
  5. Click Save.