Automatically Handle Email Unsubscribe Requests

You can configure your account to automatically manage unsubscribe requests.

About this task

In the Unsubscribe Requests section, you can enable a setting that will change the status of contacts to Unsubscribed if their email reply contains specific keywords (defined by you) in the subject line. This option is useful if you want to unsubscribe contacts that produce unwanted email replies that do not get filtered out by the spam or automated vacation reply filters.

Note: Contacts with a status of Unsubscribed have either unsubscribed themselves from receiving marketing emails from you, or were unsubscribed by you. Contacts can unsubscribe themselves by clicking an unsubscribe link, or by manually marking an email from you as spam in their inbox. When a contact is unsubscribed, their status changes to Unsubscribed. When their status is changed to Unsubscribed, the contact will no longer receive marketing emails from you. The contact can still receive transactional emails from you. The contact will also remain on any lists they have been added to.

For more information on Transactional Emails, see Transactional Emails.

To automatically handle unsubscribe requests:


  1. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > Reply Tracking.
  2. In the Unsubscribe Requests section, check the Handle unsubscribe requests box.
    Unsubscribe Requests Section
  3. In the text box, add in the keywords that, when found in reply subject lines, will automatically unsubscribe the contact.
  4. Click Save.