Change Your Password

You can update your Bronto account password.

About this task

To change your password:


  1. Click the account icon in the navigation.
  2. Click Profile in the account panel.
  3. Click Change Password.
    Passwords must meet these requirements:
    • Includes at least 10 characters
    • Include at least one special character (=>!@#$%^&*()/[]{}-)
    • Include at least one number
    • Include at least one lowercase letter
    • Include at least one uppercase letter
    • Does not contain your user name
    Reset your password every 90 days. Your password must not be one of the last five passwords you have used. You cannot use the same password again within one year.
  4. Enter in your current password.
  5. Enter in a new password and confirm the new password.
  6. Click Save.