Configure Network Access

You can restrict the network IP addresses that can be used to log into the application.

About this task

By going to Settings > Platform Settings > Network, you can define a set of network IP addresses or IP address ranges from which your users can login to the application.

IP Address Range Table
Note: Users attempting to access your account from an unauthorized IP will be rejected and will be unable to access the account. If you go to Settings > Platform Settings > Commerce, you can configure settings that allow your users to login to the application and/or API from IP addresses not part of the ranges specified on the Network Access page.

For information on configuring the Application Security settings, see Bronto Security Settings.

To configure network access IP address ranges:


  1. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > Network.
  2. Click Add New IP Address / Range.
  3. Add a Starting and Ending IP Address in the appropriate text boxes.
    Add IP Address Ranges
  4. Click Save.