Update Your Contact Info

You can change your contact information.

About this task

The information you provide on the Contact Information page is extremely important. It is essential that you keep the information on this page up to date to ensure that your email messages are CAN-SPAM compliant.

The address information you supply on the Contact Information page is used to fill in special message tags, such as %%!account_address%% and %%!account_organization%%. These tags are required to be included in your email message body in order for the message to be CAN-SPAM compliant. For that reason, it is crucial that your contact information remain accurate.

Tip: For more information on special tags, see Special Tags. For information on the CAN-SPAM act and CAN-SPAM compliance, see CAN-SPAM Act.
Contact Information Page

If your company or organization has several accounts with us, they may share contact information. In this case, you will see a warning. Changing the address information will affect all sites for your company or organization.

To add/update your contact information:


  1. Go to Settings > Account Information > Contact Information.
  2. Add a name for your organization in the Organization Name text box.
  3. Add your first name in the First Name text box.
  4. Add your last name in the Last Name text box.
  5. Add an email address in the Email Address text box.
  6. Add a telephone number in the Telephone text box.
  7. Select a country using the Country pull-down menu.
    You will be able to select a different state/county/territory/province based on the country you select.
  8. Add an address in the Address text box.
  9. Optional: Add any address overflow in the Address Cont: text box.
  10. Add a city/town in the City text box.
  11. Based on the country you selected, select a state, county, territory/state, or province from the pull-down menu.
  12. Add a ZIP/postal code in the ZIP/Postal Code text box.
  13. Click Save.