Configuring Order Data Settings

You can configure settings to define how order data is stored in Bronto.


  1. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > Commerce
  2. In the Order Settings section, select:
    • Processed if you want Bronto to treat orders as if they are complete. Processed orders cannot be modified.
    • Pending if you want to be able to append additional information to orders.
      Note: Only Processed orders will appear at Commerce > Orders.
  3. Select a default currency for your site from the Default currency for carts and orders captured via JavaScript list.
  4. Select the Attribution time frame for email clicks, then choose if you want to Include email opens for order attribution.
    Note: If your account uses the legacy order attribution model, Order Settings displays the Conversion Tracking Cookie Expires After time picker.
    For more information about order attribution models, see Order Attribution.
  5. If you would like to allow Bronto to create first-party cookies, select the Add tracking URL parameters used to create and use first-party cookies box.

    When you enable this, two additional parameters are added to URLs used in Bronto-sent email. These parameters allow the platform to create first-party cookies. Provided you have Click Through Link Tracking enabled, when a contact clicks a link contained in an email you send them via Bronto, we create a tracking cookie (most commonly used for tracking conversions). If the domain the URL points to is different from your domain, then the cookie created will be a third-party cookie. Third-party cookies may be blocked, depending on your contacts' browser settings, resulting in a loss of tracking data. In contrast, first-party cookies are much less likely to be blocked, thus ensuring that conversions are tracked. For more information on deciding when to use the Tracking URL Parameters feature, see When To Use The Tracking URL Parameters.

  6. If you have a two-part, top-level domain name and want to enable cart and order cookie tracking:

    A two-part, top-level domain looks similar to or

    1. Select the Enable Cart and Order cookie tracking when you have a two-part top level domain name box.
    2. Enter your domain name in the Two-part top level domain name: box.

      Only enter the domain name; do not include http or www. For example, Bronto Australia would only enter

    3. Click Save.