Enable Click Through Link Tracking

Enabling Click Through Link Tracking allows you to see where people are clicking in your emails.

About this task

Enabling Click Through Link Tracking also allows you take advantage of several other tracking analytics tools, such as direct update, Web Analytics, and conversion tracking.

Click through link tracking allows you to view the number of clicks (which people clicked on which links) in your tracking reports. Clicks are a great metric because they illustrate individual recipient activity, confirm interest in a linked topic, and make for easy segment creation based on contacts that clicked on certain links.

Click Through Section
Warning: If you use click through link tracking, links will no longer work in deliveries whose last send time is outside of the data retention policy.

For more information on the data retention policy, see Data Retention Policy.

To set up Click Through Link Tracking:


  1. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > Data Exchange.
  2. Scroll down to the Click Through Link Tracking section and check the Track which contacts follow links off of your messages box.