Use Branch for Deep Linking for Mobile Apps

If you have a native mobile app, deep links are URLs that direct contacts to specific content inside your app. Enabling deep linking by Branch allows you to convert normal links in your email to deep links. Customers who click a deep link in the email from a mobile device are directed to a specific page in your mobile app or to the app store if the app is not installed.

Before you begin

To use deep links, you need to have an account with, a 3rd-party deep linking provider. After you have an account, you can set up and configure your account by following the instructions at

About this task

Once deep linking is enabled in the Bronto Marketing Platform and configured in Branch, you can determine which links are deep links when you create or edit a message in the Email Message Editor.

To turn on deep linking in Bronto:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Data Exchange.
  3. Scroll down to Branch Deep Linking for Mobile Apps.
  4. Check the Enable Branch deep linking for mobile apps box.
  5. Enter the Branch deep linking domain name.
  6. Click Save.