Fix A Link In A Sent Or Scheduled Message

You can use link repair to change a link in a delivery that has already been clicked.

About this task

Link repair is accessed from the Clicks tab on a Delivery Report. When you repair a link, the link is updated in:When a contact clicks on the repaired link in a message that meets one of these criteria, they are sent to the new, updated URL. However, the link is not repaired in the content of the message itself. If you want the link to be updated in future message deliveries you will need to update the link in the original message content. To do this quickly, click Edit Message in the link repair confirmation window to open the message in a message editor, where you can make the appropriate changes.

For example, you sent a message with a link to To fix this, go to a delivery report related to that message and update the link to Now when a contact clicks on the repaired link from their inbox, the link automatically resolves correctly to Google.

Note: If your message includes a link where the protocol (http://, https://) is incorrect, which results in the link being inaccessible, you can not repair it.

You might also want to use link repair if your destination page contains unforeseen errors or is not available to visitors at the time of send.


  1. Go to Messages > Deliveries.
  2. Locate the delivery for the message that contains the link(s) you want to update and click the delivery report icon associated with that delivery.

    You can use any delivery of a message. The delivery report is displayed.

  3. Click the Clicks tab.
  4. Scroll to the list of links at the bottom of the page.
  5. Locate the link you want to change and click the pencil icon.
  6. Edit the URL in the Edit Live URL box to the correct URL.
    Note: If there are multiple instances of the same broken URL, you only need to edit one in order to fix all instances of duplicate broken links.
  7. Click Apply.

    A notification that provides an opportunity to edit the link in the original message is displayed.

  8. Click