Enable Responsive Webforms

You can create webforms that render appropriately for the device from which they are accessed.

About this task

You can enable or disable the responsive webforms feature from the Webforms page in the Bronto platform.

Note: If you are using Legacy Webforms, you cannot enable responsive webforms.
When enabled, existing webforms that meet the following criteria render as device responsive:
  • Webforms that use the default CSS.
  • Webforms that are hosted by Bronto.
    Note: Bronto does not host webforms that are embedded on your site. If you want to make an embedded webform responsive, you must use a custom style sheet.

Example of responsive behavior:

Responsive Behavior

To enable responsive webforms:


  1. Confirm that the layouts for new and existing webforms will display as expected. If necessary, you can reorder your layout blocks.
    If you include an image using the WYSIWYG & Images element, you must include the required values in the Style text box.
  2. From the Webforms page, switch on the Enable Responsive Webforms toggle in the top-right corner.
  3. Ensure that all active webforms display correctly on your website.