Adding Layout Blocks to Your Webform

About this task

Content Blocks contain the content of your webform. Layout Blocks dictate how Content Blocks will be positioned in a webform.

Webform Layout Blocks

If you Enable Responsive Webforms, consider how your layout will display on narrower devices.

Depending on the screen size, if you use the Row: 2 Columns layout block or the Row: 3 Columns layout block, the content stacks from left to right:

Responsive Webforms


  1. Go to the Edit Webform page by editing an existing webform or by creating a new webform.
  2. In the Content Layout section, select the type of layout you want for your webform. You can select:
    • Row: 1 Column
    • Row: 2 Columns
    • Row: 3 Columns
  3. Move your mouse over the Layout Block you want to add.
  4. Hold down the left click button on your mouse.
  5. Drag the Layout Block into one of the gray boxes labeled Drag new rows here.
    Layout Block Demo