Using Content Tag Templates

Bronto provides content tag templates that can be used as an email design shortcut.

About this task

Content tags are reusable blocks of content that can save you a lot of time during message creation. A content tag templates provides a jump start on creating content tags. When you have available content tag templates, simply copy the template, edit it, and then use it in your messages.

To use a content tag template:


  1. Go to Messages > Content Tags.
  2. In the Content Tag Template area, check the box for the content tag template you want to use.

    If you do not see the Content Tag Template area, Bronto has not provided any content tag templates for your account.

  3. Click Copy to Site.

    This will add a copy of the template to your list of content tags. There is no limit to how many copies of a template you can make.

  4. Find the copied template in your list of content tags and click on the template name to open it.

    The content tag has the same name as the tag you copied with -Copy # appended to it.

  5. Click on the name and update it.

    The name you specify will be used to reference this block of content in the message editors or via the tag text. For example, if you name the Content Tag mycontenttag, the dynamic tag will be %%@mycontenttag%%.

  6. Edit the content, as relevant, using the drag and drop editor.
    Content is added to a content tag by dragging Containers and Elements to the palette and using the options in the design menu to style the content. Because Containers, Elements, and Design menu options are the same in the drag and drop editor as they are in the email message editor, see
  7. Optional: To change the width of the content tag:

    By default content tags have the same width as messages, 640 px.

    1. Click Settings.
    2. Click Tag Design.
    3. Select a width from the Width list.
    4. Click Done.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Use the content tag in a message.