Create Drag And Drop Content Tags

You can create content tags that you can use as templates as you design emails. The drag and drop content tag is best used in messages that are designed with the email message editor but can also be used in the legacy WYSIWYG message editor. However, when this type of tag is used in a WYSIWYG message some of the responsive design elements of the content tag might not work properly.

About this task

Content tags are a great resource that can save you a lot of time by allowing you to create reusable blocks of content.
Important: Content tags are rendered when you schedule your message.
For more information about using content tags in messages see Use Content Tags In The Email Message Editor or Add Content Tags In The WYSIWYG Editor.
Note: If you have available content tag templates, you need to make a copy of the template in order to edit and use it.

To create a Content Tag:


  1. Go to Messages > Content Tags.
  2. Click Create New Content Tag.
  3. Select Drag and Drop Editor and click Continue.
  4. Click (Enter a Content Tag Name) and enter a name for the tag in the Name text box.

    The name you specify will be used to reference this block of content in the message editors or via the tag text. For example, if you name the Content Tag mycontenttag, the dynamic tag will be %%@mycontenttag%%.

  5. Add the content you wish to display via this content tag using the drag and drop editor.
    Content is added to a content tag by dragging Containers and Elements to the palette and using the options in the design menu to style the content. Because Containers, Elements, and Design menu options are the same in the drag and drop editor as they are in the email message editor, see
    Tip: You can have nested content tags when you use the drag-and-drop content tag editor. A popular use case for this is including your header/footer content tags within the new content tag templates
  6. Optional: To change the width of the content tag:

    By default content tags have the same width as messages, 640 px.

    1. Click Settings.
    2. Click Tag Design.
    3. Select a width from the Width list.
    4. Click Done.
  7. Click Save.