Uploading Files to Bronto

You can upload files to be hosted on Bronto.

About this task

File Management is most commonly used to upload and store images that are used in message design. But you can also use file management to upload PDFs, audio files, custom fonts, HTML files, etc. By default, your account includes a 100MB allocation limit for free file management. (For Multi Brand accounts the default limit is 100MB per sub account.) If you'd like to purchase additional file management space, please contact your account manager.
Important: Only these characters are supported for file and folder names:
  • numbers 0-9
  • letters A-Z and a-z
  • Backslash (\)
  • Hyphen (-)
  • Underscore (_)


  1. Go to Settings > File Management.
  2. Optional: If you want the hosted file to be stored in a specific folder, navigate to that folder.

    For more information about creating folders to manage your hosted files, see Creating a New Folder on the File Management Page.

  3. Click Upload.

    The Upload window is displayed. The list of acceptable file extensions are displayed.

  4. Either
    • Drag files from your computer to the Drag files here window.
    • Click Add Files, select the files you want to add, and click Open.

    The maximum size allowed per file is 10MB.

  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click Close.

What to do next

All files stored in the application file management space are served through Akamai in order to optimize file download times. If you edit a file or upload a new file with the same name as an existing file, it may take a few minutes to update across the network. If it takes longer than 5-10 minutes for your file to update, try refreshing your browser. If this does not solve the problem, contact support.